Bruno Pazzim


Digital leader with over 10 years of technology and business experience in both global enterprise and startups. Seasoned entrepreneur and technology innovator, leading two companies working with clients on digital strategy, design and innovation, software development, and data science. Co-founded one of the most prominent open data projects in Latin America.

based in Brazil

I'm a multi-disciplinary maker born and raised in Brazil. I started my career studying computer science and working as a software developer. Later I got drawn into design and product management. This made me well versed in the entire cycle of product development, starting from the ideation point to the design and development and then to management.

Currently, I'm working at Data Science Brigade, a data science consultancy company I founded. We're a small team of experts working with worldwide companies to create and build data products to solve relevant problems with software, machine learning, A.I. and data analysis.

I also had the honor of being part of one of the most prominent open data projects in Latin America. Operation Serenata de Amor is a project that uses artificial intelligence and open data to facilitate social control of public administration. It’s also the most successful crowdfunding technology project in Brazil, having its results shown through extensive media coverage.

Previously I founded and worked at CODELAND, a software development studio. We specialized in working with non-technical founders to discover and build their ideas, providing creative solutions, software and design.

Before, I worked for technology companies building software projects for Fortune 500 companies. I have experience in both global enterprising as well as starting up new ventures of my own. I also write articles about technology, design and business.

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